Business Article: Transferring a Business

As part of my uni course I completed a unit on law in Business. As part of this unit I covered off what some of the considerations for transferring a business, either due to a merger, sale or some other event.

I thought that this article I wrote as part of my studies would be useful to some of you. The article can be found at

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New Education and Care Articles Published

Recently two articles for Education and Care Professional have been published on our website, Kim Ovari wrote the articles as part of a workshop that she delivered in March. The workshop was a success with the Educators walking away with more information and providing positive feedback.

The new articles are:

For more information on Kim Ovari please see her website, For more articles that Kim has written on Education and Care click here.

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Maximising Capability through Delegation

Do you staff consistently come to you with questions?
Do your staff come to you for routine authorisations?
Do you feel that you need to be always contactable?

If this is you, then there is a better way. In the article “Do Your People Need You?” I discuss the pro and cons of empowering your staff to operate interdependently, along with considerations for empowering your staff. In the article I cover off each of the following considerations:

  • Your organisations delegation limits
  • Your staff’s ability and knowledge levels
  • Your ability to communicate your intent to you staff
  • If new to the role the previous manager’s leadership style
  • Development of reporting mechanisms

I hope that the article is useful and would like to wish you a successful career of empowering your staff in order to achieve greatness for yourself, your team and your organisation.


Click here for the Article….

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Connecting with Families


Here is a new article by Kim Ovari for Education and Care Professionals, “Presenting and Communicating Information to Families


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School Holiday Programs and the Community

Children DrawingKim has released another Article as part of her Children Service’s Professional Series. This Article focuses on Out of School Care and in particular how School Holidays are a a great opportunity to connect with the community. The article is called “School Holiday Programs and the Community“.

Articles by Kim for Education and Care Professionals:

Articles by Kim on Parenting:



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Customer Service Done Right


A few weeks ago we were at the Hogs Breath Café in Woden and received really good customer service from the staff. It inspired me to write an article on Customer Service “What makes Good Customer Service?” In this article I go through five elements of customer service:

  • Friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • Timeliness
  • Quality Product or Service
  • The Environment

The staff from the restaurant were friendly and helpful. They were smiling and friendly from the start. They were very responsive and regularly check in with us to see if there is anything else that we required. Overall the staff provided an A1 level of customer service. The food was very good, cooked to order and we all enjoyed the food immensely. The food was also served in a quick time frame. Again the restaurant was ticking all the right boxes for customer service. The environment was also clean, neat and the atmosphere was pleasant for the event we were celebrating, my wife Kimy’s Birthday.

In the past I had a bad experience at a Hog’s Breath Café and did not really want to go back to Hog’s Breath. However Kim enjoys going to Hog’s Breath, so we went. The experience we had a few weeks ago at the Hog’s Breath Café was so good that it has reversed my opinion of Hog Breath’s Café and I look forward to my next visit.

What good Customer Service have you experienced?
What impact did the good Customer Service have on your perception of the organisation?
Will you be using the products and services of the organisation again?


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Getting people to listen

Have you ever had something important to say and before you get to the main point people switch off?
What about people being confused by what you say?
Do you take a long time to get to the point?

I can be a bit of a talker, however at times I have to deliver an important message. I have four quick points on how I deliver important messages. I have listed these in the article “Getting People to Listen by Saying Less”.

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